What is CASCADE about?

One of the most challenging themes in ecology over the last decades is the quest for the understanding of discontinuous changes in ecosystems. Discontinuous shifts have already been observed and analyzed for a wide variety of ecological systems, including lakes, drylands, peatlands, rangelands, marine systems, and musselbeds.


Some of these discontinuous shifts in ecosystems imply undesired and irreversible changes. For example, shallow lakes can suddenly change into eutrophic systems with a large loss in biological diversity.


CASCADE will investigate and analyze a range of dryland ecosystems in southern Europe to obtain a better understanding of sudden shifts in drylands that may lead to major losses in biodiversity and concomitant ecosystem services.


Based on these analyses, CASCADE will develop ways to predict the proximity of the CASCADE’s dryland ecosystems to thresholds in such a way that these predictions can be used by policymakers and land users for more sustainable management of drylands worldwide.

Cyprus meeting info page

From March 4*-6 the next plenary meeting for the CASCADE project will be held in Paphos, Cyprus. This page will give logistical information about the meeting. Registration for the meeting is required through the registration page (Login > Partner Menu > CASCADE Events Registration).
(*the WP leaders meeting will start on monday March 3rd already)


Date: 4-6 March 2014 (WP leader meeting on monday 3 March 2014)
Location: Paphos, Cyprus

Venue: Athena Royal Beach Hotel (http://www.athenaroyal-cbh.com)

Flight destination: either Larnaca (LCA) or Paphos (PFO)

Update 24 feb 2014

Excursion program wednesday:

  • 08:00 Departure from hotel
  • 09:00 -12:00 Site visit to Randi Forest (Cascade experiment sites)
  • 12:00-13:00 Visit to Curium (ancient Roman amphitheatre)
  • 13:30 Extended lunch at Omodos village (visit to local monastery)
  • 16:30-17:00 Departure
  • 18:00 Arrival to hotel
  • 20:30 Dinner at local restaurant

Meeting cost will be approximately € 265,- (lunches, coffees, dinners, venue) excluding hotel costs and airport taxi.

Short program (detailed program will be sent around)

  • Monday March 3rd: WP leader meeting
  • Tuesday March 4th: presentations of WP's
  • Wednesday Mach 5th: field visit / excursion
  • Thursday March 6th: project meeting
  • Friday March 7th: departure

Transportation to/from the hotel
Flying into Cyprus can be done by flying to either Larnaca (LCA) or Paphos (FPO). Early in the year, flights on Paphos are still limited, flights to Larnaca are more frequent. Disadvantage of flying to Larnaca is that the airport is 2 hours drive away from Paphos.

The Athena Royal Beach hotel is located in Paphos, which is also near to the study site of CUT.

Joint transport from the airport of Larnaca or Paphos to the hotel can be arranged (if there are enough participants arriving on the same date/time); please enter your flight schedule on the registration page, and we will try to organise (joint) taxi transport to the hotel. Individual transportation to the hotel can also be arranged, but is more expensive than joint transport.

Taxi prices Larnaca airport 

  • 4-seater Taxi €110,00 per way
  • 6-seater Taxi (Vito) €150,00 per way
  • Minibus (20 seats) € 275,00 per way

Taxi prices Paphos airport

  • 4-seater Taxi € 30,00 per way
  • 6-seater Taxi (Vito) € 40,00 per way
  • Minibus (20 seats) € 135,00 per way


The meeting will be held in the Athena Royal Beach Hotel (4-star - http://www.athenaroyal-cbh.com), this is also the place where we will stay during the meeting. 

Room prices are as follows:

  • Double Room-Bed & Breakfast: € 40,00 per person per night (€ 80,00 for two)
  • Single Room-Bed & Breakfast: € 63,00 per night

When registering, please indicate if you want a double room for 2 persons (€ 80,-), or a single room for 1 person (€ 63,-).

If you want to book a double room with 2 people, please register both persons separately, and indicate your room partner in both registrations.

Lunches will be served in the hotel. There will be one joint project dinner (probably on tuesday).


Meeting cost

The cost for the meeting will be shared with all participants:

  • One invoice covering the stay in the hotel (including breakfast)
  • A second invoice covering lunches, the project dinner, transportation, meeting room rent, refreshments. Separate entries are made on the invoice (consumptions, venue, transport).

Payment can be done in the hotel using your credit card or in cash.



The weather forecast for Cyrpus can be viewed at: http://www.cyprus-weather.org/


Meeting preparation
We will ask most participants to prepare a presentation. PowerPoint templates and presentation contents have been supplied.