CASCADE Plenary meeting Ispra successfully closed

The 5th Plenary meeting of the CASCADE project, that was held from May 24-28 in Ispra, Italy, was closed after a successful week. The hosts, Yusuf Yigini and Panos Panagos, had done their best to convene a perfectly organised meeting at the premises of the Joint Research Centre (JRC). Tuesday was entirely dedicated to presentations by the project members to discuss the progress of work, while a large part of Wednesday was taken by the coordinator to discuss the management in the project. On Thursday, an excursion was held, while on Friday, planning and the upcoming policy meeting (in Matera, Italy) was discussed.

Finally, the Advisory Board member Michael Cherlet (JRC) gave his feedback on the meeting and the progress of the project. The meeting was closed at 12:30 by Erik van den Elsen, who had led the meeting for the coordination team.

Output of the meeting, in the form of the meeting minutes and presentations, will be published soon.