Plenary meeting / Policy forum in Matera (IT) successfully ended

The last plenary project meeting of the CASCADE project was held in Matera, Italy. This last plenary meeting (the project period runs until June 31st, 2017) was combined with a day centred around policy, on the last meeting day. The plenary meeting was held from Tuesday, Febuary 21st 2017 until Thursday, February 23rd. The policy forum, where a number of policy makers from European countries and influential other European organizations were present, was held on Friday, February 24th. The venue was Hotel San Domenico in Matera.
A number of Italian politicians from local and national government took part in the meeting; Luca Braia, Councillor Agriculture and Forestry of the Basilicata Region, opened the policy meeting. Donato Di Stefano, president of the Basilicata farmers association, was present during the policy forum in the afternoon, as was Angelica Saggese, member of the Italian senate.
From FAO, Sergio Zelaya was present and from UNCCD, Victor Castillo took part in the forum. In the morning, both these people gave a presentation on behalf of their organisation.

The picture above shows all participants to the policy forum on Friday. Front row from left to right: Gianni Quaranta (organiser, UNIBAS), Angelica Saggese (Italian senate)m Sergio Zelaya (FAO), Victor Castillo (UNCCD). More information about the policy forum and the plenary project meeting can be found on the Matera meeting page.