Participant 2 - Technical University of Crete (TUC), Greece (WP2)

Institute description: The Technical University of Crete ( is a modern technological institution that has established a reputation both in Greece and abroad. The major activities of the Water Resources Management and Coastal Engineering Laboratory of the Environmental Engineering Dept. can be summarized as follows: climate change and weather extremes - impact on water resources, agriculture and tourism, hydrological extremes (floods - water scarcity & droughts leading to desertification), flash flooding – watershed analysis – water balance and water availability, application of hydrologic models in modelling surface and ground water, application of GIS/remote sensing technologies with high resolution satellite data.

Role in the project: WP2 leader and participating in WPs 1 and 5-9.
Past experience: Within FP6 and FP7, TUC already participates in many recent and current European collaborative projects on climate change and water resources scarcity and excess within FP6 and FP7.


Involved personnel

  • Prof. Ioannis K. Tsanis Managed over 50 projects in areas of climate change impact in water resources (water availability), storm kinematics and hydrological extremes (flash floods and droughts), hydro informatics, integrated watershed/coastal management, hydraulic/hydrological/water quality modelling and water availability forecasting.
  • Mr. Aristeidis G. Koutroulis Has an extensive experience in climate change and impact studies related to floods and droughts, GIS, hydrological modelling, water resources management. Participates in several EU projects (WATCH FP6, SCENES FP6).
  • Mr. Ioannis N. Daliakopoulos Specializes in water resources with an emphasis to the combined use of GIS, Remote Sensing, hydrological models and algorithms for research and development purposes. Participates in several EU projects (WATCH FP6, SCENES FP6).
  • Mr. Manolis G. Grillakis Is specialized on hydrological processes modelling, climate change data manipulation and impact studies, while has important experience on remote sensing indices analysis, GIS. Participates in EU projects (WATCH FP6, SCENES FP6).
  • Ms. Angeliki Vrochidou Has experience in spatiotemporal analysis of meteorological and hydrogeological data, climate change research, drought and flood processes, drought/desertification assessment through mathematical and statistical methods. Participates in the SCENES FP6 project.

Dr. Ioannis K. Tsanis  is a Full Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at McMaster University where he has taught since 1988.  Since the summer of 2001 he has also been a Professor at Technical University of Crete (TUC). He published 3 books and over 200 scientific papers and reports. He received a number of academic awards and was a member of international research teams, expert panels in research proposal evaluation teams (NSERC (Canada), NSF (USA) and EU (FP5, FP6, FP7). Since working for TUC, he published over 60 journal papers, conferences and technical reports and managed 11 research projects. He is currently a coordinator in one ESA project and partner in 2 FP6-IP and 2 FP7 EU research projects.



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