Participant 6 - University of Aveiro (UAVR), Portugal

Institute description: The University of Aveiro (UAVR), created in 1973, is a public institution, whose mission is to provide and develop graduate and post-graduate education, scientific research, and cooperation with external stakeholders. Research is organized in 14 Research Units (RU) and 4 Associated Laboratories. The Centre for Environmental and Marine Research (CESAM), to which all member of the UAVR team belong, is the research unit dedicated to an integrated approach to the study of atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and social sphere. CESAM has more than 100 researchers with a PhD degree, pertaining to five departments (Biology, Chemistry, Environment, Geosciences, Physics). In 2005, CESAM was attributed the status of Associated Laboratory by the Portuguese Government, in recognition of its capacity to contribute significantly to the fulfillment of national science and technology policy objectives.
Role in the project: participating in WPs 2-9, with emphasis on WPs 5 ,7 and 8
Past experience: CESAM members are currently involved in some 60 research projects, mainly funded by the European Commission and the Portuguese Government.

Involved personnel

  • Prof. Celeste O.A. Coelho Environmental scientist, specialized in applied physical geography and natural resources planning and management, and with a special interest in desertification in fire-prone Mediterranean regions and the role therein of stakeholders
  • Dr Jan Jacob Keizer Vegetation ecologist, with special interest in multivariate data analysis and vegetation recovery after fire, and with broad expertise in forest hydrology and soil erosion, in particular following wildfire and in relation to soil water repellency 
  • Prof. M. Conceição L.V. Santos Biologist, specialized in plant eco-physiology, in particular genomics and physiological responses to abiotic stress (water deficit, toxicology) and nutrient unbalances, and genomics and physiology of carbon metabolism
  • Dr João Pedro C. Nunes Environmental Engineer, specialized in development and application of dynamical hydrological and soil erosion models, including after wildfire, and in integrated modeling approaches for complex scenario analysis of climate and land-use change
  • Dr Peter Roebeling Environmental and development economist, with special research interest in Integrated Watershed Management, and broad expertise in sustainable resources management and planning in linked socio-ecological systems.
  • MSc. Sandra Valente
  • Specialist in urban and regional planning, with special interest in the role of public participation and social perception in rural development and forestry management and policies, and with broad expertise in the involvement therein of stakeholders.

Prof. Celeste O.A. Coelho is full professor at the Department of Environment and Planning, and heads the Integrated Watershed Management Research Line of CESAM. She has a wide experience in participating in EU- and nationally-funded projects, having coordinated (the UAVR team) over 10 (inter-)national during the past 15 years.
Dr Jan Jacob Keizer is Assistant Research at CESAM since the end of 2006. Since then, he has coordinated 4 national projects on erosion (s.l.) following wildfire and headed the UAVR team of 2 more national projects on post-fire vegetation recovery. Also, he has gathered around him a team of 4 post-doctoral researchers, 7 PhD students and 6 project fellows, almost all of whom are working on fire effects on Portuguese woodland ecosystems.


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